After much consideration and research of how to keep our staff and customers staff, we have decided to organize online ordering! We have suspended face-to-face interactions and would love to start serving our community for the next few weeks through pick up/drop off services. Please look at our COVID-19 page to read our current menu! 

To Purchase: We are accepting orders for the next few weeks via online sources or phone including Easter! Etransfer via kitchenspastryandcatering@ or over the phone credit card only. Prices do not include taxes.

“Pick up on the Porch” or free drop off on Saturday/Sunday between 11am-1pm in Town of Bracebridge only for purchases over $10.

Hours of operation: We will be available between the hours of 11am-1pm Tuesday-Sunday at the store via 705-645-1919 & any time via kitchenspastryandcatering@, Facebook, Instagram or other online sources! We will be at the restaurant other times preparing, please leave us a message & we will get back to you!

Want more information?

Contact us! We can give you quotes, talk about custom products, make reservations!